Craniosacral Therapy & Bodywork Session (60 min)

  • Combines craniosacral therapy (CST), joint unwinding, visceral manipulation therapy and reiki to instill a dynamic healing experience

  • Suitable for all ages. I work with newborns, toddlers, school-aged children, teens, and adults.

  • Infant CST is a gentle technique used for helping a little one unwind from positioning in the uterus, pre- or post-tongue tie release, events of the birthing process, or life on the outside. Often a first step in troubleshooting latch and breastfeeding concerns, CST can provide release to tense jaw or neck muscles, supporting baby's innate instincts to nurse effectively.

Naturopathic Consultation (90 min initial, 60 min return)

  • A partner in your health journey. We will discuss not only your primary concerns, but the other aspects of your life that make you "you" and therefore influence your health.

  • All conditions are welcome. Areas of extra focus include women's health, pelvic floor health (chronic low back pain, urinary incontinence, painful periods, etc.), preconception and postpartum needs, weight loss support, and pediatric concerns. This list is specific, however your health is not; my training has involved working with many common health conditions.

  • At this time I do not provide pediatric primary care. However, I love working with kids on specific concerns. Some common issues are rashes, diet changes, behavioral issues, and allergies.

Babywearing Consultation (60 minutes)

  • One-on-one customized consultation catered to your needs and goals

  • In-person or Skype consult

  • Explore the different types of carriers, how they can be used, and their pros and cons.

  • Try before you buy!

  • Learn how to wear the carriers you already own or get a fit-check to insure proper and comfortable babywearing

  • Learn the commonly used terms in babywearing lingo and navigate the world of buying and selling new and used carriers.

  • For experienced wearers: learn new tips and tricks, like getting baby on your back or nursing in your carrier!

  • For doulas, midwives, or other caregivers: learn reputable resources, basic newborn carries, and tips for babywearing during pregnancy--improve outcomes by offering your clients this information before they need it.

Breastfeeding Consultation (60 minutes)

  • Prenatal: Learn what you need to know to help establish a healthy and thriving breastfeeding relationship right after birth. Also understand how to be prepared to troubleshoot common breastfeeding issues.

  • Postpartum: Evaluate breastfeeding concerns and issues such as sore or damaged nipples, baby's low weight gain, poor latch, and low milk supply. Support your breastfeeding relationship while learning all options for alternatives when breastfeeding issues arise.

  • Learn about your natural options from someone trained in herbal and nutrient medicine. There are so many options for diet, herbal supplements, and nutritional supplements that it can be really confusing where to start and what is truly needed for your success. Let me help!

Homeopathy Session (90 min initial, 60 min returning)

  • Treatment involves the administration of a homeopathic remedy, small white lactose pills that are a carrier for the actual remedy. This is a distinctly different form of treatment than what you will get in a general naturopathic consultation (though I sometimes incorporate homeopathic remedies into general naturopathic treatment plans).

  • Takes into consideration your entire symptom picture, health history, personality, and character to match up a remedy that will shift your health from the inside out.

  • Great for "odd" symptoms, big changes in life, and supporting your entire person (mentally, physically, spiritually).

  • Perfect for children, adults, and even during pregnancy

  • Homeopathy sessions require a follow-up visit to be scheduled at the first appointment; the success of this form of medicine is matching a remedy as closely as possible, trying one out, and evaluating for a good fit. This can only be done effectively with a follow-up appointment after giving the medicine.